Toilet Paper Tube Snowflake Ornaments



I love a free project – especially one that saves something from a landfill and adds some sparkle to my home!  These snowflakes are made with old toilet paper tubes and simple to make.

One toilet paper tube will make one thin snowflake.  I used a toilet paper tube and a half to make each one of these snowflakes.  Simply bend the tube in half, and then cut it into six strips (each about 1/2″ wide – these will be the outer points).  Then, cut six more strips half as wide as the first strips (these will be the inner points).

I glued the six strips together at the bottom with tacky glue.
Once it dried, I applied a thin layer of glue and a coat of glass glitter (although regular glitter would work great as well).
For the inside points, just fold the thin strips in half, and then glue and the glitter goes on.
Once everything dries, the inside points can be glued to the inside of the snowflakes.  I used jute string to loop a hanger, and that’s it.  Super simple!
As I was making these over Thanksgiving break, I started to miss being able to these types of crafts with my students.  Now that I teach 6th grade where the kids switch every period, I don’t have that “home” classroom like I used to when I taught 5th grade.  Besides not having a class of my own, the Common Core Standards have really made time even more scarce.
Anyway, my plan it to run a “Santa’s Workshop” craft studio during lunch the weeks leading up to break.  I teach in a district that serves a high poverty community, so providing all the supplies for kids to make handmade gifts for their family members seems like a perfect blend of what I love to do – teach and craft!  Even though the kids are entering the “too cool for school” phase, I hope many of the kids will be excited about it.
Wish us luck!


Reuse old toilet paper tubes to make snowflake ornaments

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14 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Tube Snowflake Ornaments

  1. I made this and they are very adorable. One suggestion though. Try putting a little bell in the center. Fills in that hole and really sets the whole thing off.

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