Reuse Old Glass Jars for Bathroom Organization

upcycled glass jars with vintage jars

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A couple of months ago, I gave out bathroom a much needed face lift, and these glass jars were a part of the space.  A complete gut job wasn’t in the budget this time around, but I did make some major improvements to the space with only $200.

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These glass jars were part of my bathroom refresh, and they cost almost nothing to make.   I took some old glass jars that I’ve recently started saving instead of recycling.

bathroom organization upcycled jars

I have a box in my basement with a ton of different glass jars.  Sometimes I worry that I’m becoming a hoarder, other times I’m so glad I have it because I’ve found so many ways to use them.  Here a few of the things I did with them this past fall.

Before starting on the project, I cleaned and removed the labels from the jars.  I finally found the best way to remove labels from glass jars, even the most stubborn ones.  This post explains it all:

Finally, an easy way to remove stubborn, sticky labels and residue from glass jars! Best of all, this method uses common household products.

All I did for these glass jars for my bathroom was to first spray paint the lid.  I originally thought I wanted a hammered silver look, but after painting them, I didn’t love the look.  In the end, I painted them in black and sanded away a little of the black to show the silver underneath.

glass jars with decorative knobs

I drilled a hole through the top of each lid that was big enough for the screws to fit through.

I finally figured out an easy way to shorten the screws on these types of knobs, and ever since, I’ve been able to use these knobs for far more than furniture.

glass jars topped with knobs
This bolt cutting tool is the perfect way to cut down those screws.  You do need a little bit of hand strength, but I’ve found it’s the easiest way to cut them down so you can’t see them sticking down when you close the jar.

reuse glass jars for bathroom storage

Simply screw the nut on the end, and you have a decorative top for those glass jars!  I used some vintage knobs I’ve pulled off old pieces of furniture or found without a pair at flea markets.  You could also use new knobs as well – Hobby Lobby is a fun place to search for the perfect knobs!

reuse old glass jars as bathroom storage with furniture knobs

Right now, these jars are holding all the bathroom items that cluttered up the drawer before.  I’ve seen them used for displaying candy, dry goods, or office and craft supplies.  The possibilities are endless, and they are so cheap to make!

reuse old glass jars as decorative bathroom storage

Here are all the tutorials on how I created the plank wall, the towel rack, and how I took our old vanity and gave the top a completely new look with concrete.  For now, you can see everything in the space here.

reuse old glass jars as decorative storage

My friend Kati from Houseful of Handmade reused some old glass jars in her kitchen, and I love the look and functionality of them now.  You can see how she did it here:

If you’re in the Christmas mood, I also used some old glass jars to make snow globes scenes.

I love the idea to reuse old glass jars to create these Christmas scene snow globes. Looks like an easy DIY project for the holidays!

A few other upcycled projects you might enjoy:

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28 thoughts on “Reuse Old Glass Jars for Bathroom Organization

  1. Would love to know what this tool is, the link “This tool is the perfect way to cut down those screws. You do need a little bit of hand strength, but I’ve found it’s the easiest way to cut them down so you can’t see them sticking down when you close the jar.” didn’t work for me.

    1. Hi Tammara! I updated the link so it should link to the correct place. The best tool I’ve found to cut the screws it just a small pair of bolt cutters. Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t working!

      1. When I saw your idea I loved it! Instead of screwing the nobs in top of jar I took screw off and super glued them on the top! I absolutely love the look! At practically no expense at all!

  2. I’ve done this as well, but instead of using the knobs with the holes, I just used tacky glue and put a cute rhinestone on the top if it had a hole. Still cute!

  3. I absolutely love your idea of repurposing the smaller jars but what would be an idea to repurpose a large pickle jar?

    1. Thanks Laura! I personally use the large glass jars in my pantry to store dried beans, rice, etc. (but I know that’s not a very fun idea!) I think I’ve seen them used as outdoor lanterns as well, but I’m sure there are a ton of other ideas out there. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Hey, girl: We just got the call that our daughter and son-in-law needed a sitter for their 3 & 6 yr. old kids: THIS afternoon and IT’S RAINING. Oh, it’s their anniversary! (Since they are out of town, the kids thought they were going to have a water gun afternoon in the creek.) That’s ok; your link just helped us out! I gathered up some old glass jars with lids; grabbed 4 kinds of snacks: dried almonds, cranraisons, pineapple bits, and chocolate chips. I grabbed the clear tape, prepared the labels which were printed out while I washed jars. WHEW! Now they will have fun, anyway. YOU are a lifesaver, girl! PatPat

  5. Hi,
    How did you manage to take the stains/smell from tomato sauce/products that came in the jar from the lids? I would keep most of the glasses if I knew how to clean it. i tried it in the past, but no success 🙁
    Thank you.

    1. I know what you mean about some of them retaining the smell. I always just hand wash them first and then wash them in the dishwasher. Most of the smell is usually gone, but even if a little remains, I haven’t noticed it when opening those jars in my bathroom. Although I will say I have recycled a few that still had too strong of a smell after washing and haven’t used them on projects. Sorry I’m not very helpful on this one.

      1. Try filling with vinegar, let stand for a while/overnight…OR…
        Try inserting absorbent napkin/paper towel…close lid…let sit ’til ready to recycle (I use this idea to absorb odors in coolers, after use).

      2. Baking soda…should absorb odor, I’d put some in the lid, seal in a zip lock plastic bag. Overnight, smelling great in the morning

  6. Hi Jenny, I love what you did with the old jars, they are lovely thanks for sharing, keep doing your thing.. You gave me a good idea too as well for some projects and how to save as well, thanks!!!! xoxoxo…

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